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Open Source and hosted on Github.
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GraphQL Debugger is a platform for debugging your GraphQL Server, it helps you identify errors, slow queries, and inconsistencies without having to rely on outdated methods like logging.

GraphQL Debugger is free to use, open source, and you can find the source code on GitHub. You can get started by simply installing our plugin and then running our CLI to initiate the user interface.

Getting started

Running debugger locally

To get started run the GraphQL Debugger CLI. This will start the Collector, Backend and UI for you. You can install and run it with one command:

npx graphql-debugger
# Collector Online, send traces to http://localhost:4318/v1/traces.
# Debugger Online, visit http://localhost:16686 to view traces.

Now you will be able to access GraphQL Debugger UI at http://localhost:16686

Connecting your server

Once debugger is running you can use our open source packages to connect your GraphQL Server to GraphQL Debugger.

import { ProxyAdapter } from "@graphql-debugger/adapter-proxy";
import { traceSchema } from "@graphql-debugger/trace-schema";
import { GraphQLSchema } from "graphql";
const schema: GraphQLSchema = __YOUR_SCHEMA__;
const adapter = new ProxyAdapter();
const tracedSchema = traceSchema({



GraphQL Debugger is a community project and it is maintained by core members of @rocket-connect.

Feel free to contribute by opening an issue or submitting a pull request.